Sephora Microsites

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Sephora Micro Sites

Fun stuff:
  • Microsite Design

  • Site Development

  • Domain Hosting

  • Analytic Dashboard

Soft Skills
  • Creative Briefs

  • Requirement Documentation

  • Client Communication

  • UATs

Hard Skills
  • Adobe CC

  • UX Reseach & Testing

  • UX/UI Design


  • HTML/CSS/jQuery

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Brainstorming and Wireframing

I collaborated with Sephora to brainstorm and create microsites for product give aways, specifically around holidays. After collaborating together and settling on a concept, I would return with wireframes of simple carnival-like games that captured user emails. The resulting designs not only meet with expectations but also elevated their brand during the holidays.

Design and Development

Sephora's brand identity was the guiding star for the look and feel, but the development required detail oriented due diligence. The requirements brief included all browsers and platforms, so a delicate dance of CSS and jQuery was required. Internet Explorer was well known for it's hijinks so we targeted that for early User Accesibility Testing. With these responsive standards set I worked on creating simple, but crucially, fun give away experiences for the site visitors. Sephora users would try over and over to win the best prizes, with the backend having to only allow one prize per user. The backend and SQL logs showed that the cult following Sephora has had translated to hackers as well!

Real-time Analytic Dashboard

So, in addition to upholding brand identity and delivering engaging gameplay, I tackled the formidable task of handling millions of website hits, distributing prize codes, balancing physical stock availability, and developed a real-time dashboard for user tracking. A meticulous back-end combined with user-focused front-end fun ensuring that every visit could translate smoothly to capturing user data. Emails of course!

  • Link to Youtube Site with Video

Client Info and Working Dates
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