Joseph Van Geffen

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Design is both process & outcome. It takes experience to communicate requirements, synthesize feedback, and arm the team for success.

Zcash (ECC)

UX Design Manager

Product Design

Cryptocurrency Wallet


Random Projects



Sephora Microsites


Marketing Design


Front & Backend

Google's GRC

Modular Design


Ruby on Rails

Some of the clients:
  • Electric Coin Company (Zcash)

  • Capital One

  • Google

  • Sephora

  • Current TV

You can call me Geffen. I'm an accomplished designer in the Fintech space, a blockchain/web3 adventurer, and a privacy advocate.

I have 15+ years of proven experience overseeing the end-to-end design and development lifecycle of numerous products, applications, and programs.

I've risen from an individual contributor (UX/UI) to a UX Design Manager, Product Manager, and have worked with cross discipline teams focusing on Product and Service Design. I believe strong leadership is defined by success for the product AND the team members themselves.

Concept art done for video games

Important short-cuts to case studies of past projects: