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You can call me Geffen. I'm an accomplished designer in the fintech space, a blockchain/web3 adventurer, and a privacy advocate. For the past few years I've been working with the Electric Coin Company to help raise the user experience bar for Zcash, without sacrificing privacy.

New job hunt starts: 9 / 1 / 23

Design is both process & outcome. It takes XP to synthesize feedback and arm the team for success.

Zcash (Electric Coin Company)

UX Design Manager

Product Design

Cryptocurrency Wallet


Capital One - Small Business


Point of Sale

Mobile Payments

Merchant Services

Random Projects



Sephora Microsites


Marketing Design


Front & Backend

Google's GRC

Modular Design


Ruby on Rails

Metaverse (Web3 Landlord)

Decentraland Landlord

DCL Worldbuilding


Some of the clients:
  • Electric Coin Company (Zcash)

  • Capital One

  • Google

  • Sephora

  • Current TV

I am an accomplished design leader with 15+ years of proven experience overseeing the end-to-end design and development lifecycle of numerous products, applications, and programs.

I've risen from an individual contributor (UX/UI) to a UX Design Manager working with cross discipline teams focusing on Product and Service Design. I believe strong leadership is defined by success for the product AND the team members themselves.

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All of that crazy Web3 DAO interesting stuff

  • Gnarsauce, a nouns to gnars based hot sauce
  • GL of BADTRYP, a Web3 guild based in the byoverse world

  • DCL - Decentraland Landlord & Game Programmer
  • POAPs & NFTs for Franky's Bar
  • dcl deploy frankys